Welcome to my world...
I'm Fany 26 years old (yeah I know I'm old)
A bit eccentric, neurotic, sarcastic... but I'm a good person I swear :D

I really love finnish (and some swedish) melodic death metal xD

Norther, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Warmen, MyGrain are my favourites bands

In this blog you will see constantly fangirling with Janne Wirman (I really love him) or maybe you think that my blog it's mainly about COB but sometimes I post a lot of thingies that I like

'Love it or hate it' :D

The most part of the photos aren't mine I'm found them in google and facebook (on the bands pages none personals profiles) then I post but aren't mine
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things i learned in ancient greek art today:

  • Achilles had a gay lover 
  • Zeus had a boy toy that he thought was pretty so he snatched him up and made him into his wine bitch and kept him under his throne on olympus always
  • there was a woman who wanted to be a man so Poseidon changed her sex and then made him impervious to metal weapons to boot
  • They made Aphrodite marry a lame and ugly guy and to retaliate she slept with everyone, but mostly Ares.

sounds like high school